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Loving Peace Baptist Church Loving Peace Baptist Church

Statement of Beliefs Statement of Beliefs

We are a baptized community of believers learning to live and grow in the love of Jesus Christ. The aim of Loving Peace is to be a place where all people regardless of race and creed can encounter the love and peace of the true and living God. Loving Peace is a Church that values its heritage, culture and above all, its relationship with God. You will find at Loving Peace a church that is rich in worship. A church that don't mind giving sacrificial praise. A church that has a strong commitment to the love and care for the community.

We are pilgrims, traveling by faith, getting to know God better, to know ourselves better, and to become the people God created us to be through the study of His word.

We welcome you to travel with us on this Christian journey where the race is not given to the swift nor is it given to the strong, but it is given to those who don't mind enduring the trials of life, knowing that no matter what we come up against, the Lord will make a way somehow. At Loving Peace we've come this far by faith leaning and depending on the Lord.

We invite you to come worship with us, to praise with us, to pray with us, to sing with us, to learn with us and to grow with us.

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